Saturday, August 11, 2007

About My Crap Mail

While sometimes the My Crap Mail web site is meant to entertain you with silly jokes, funny stories and pictures, the main goal is to inform our readers about scams, phishing attacks, identity theft, viruses and spyware.

My first experience with computers started in 1977 and I have been hooked since. As a professional programmer, internet security expert and Search Engine Optimization consultant you can take my advice to the bank.

In order to keep my clients and my own computers safe I have found that I need to not only use safe practices but use a variety of tools at my disposal. I have even made a page of free internet tools and free search engine optimization tools available for anyone to use.

I am willing to share my secrets for free in order to keep the cyberworld safe for everyone who is smart enough to follow my instructions.

One of the worst wastes of time and productivity anyone with a computer hooked up to the internet is forced to suffer is the Spamming of Email accounts (unsolicited bulk commercial emails). This not only wastes time it cost us money. Some of us have limited bandwith and pay for overages or we may use dialup and pay phone charges or internet use charges for the time it takes to download Spam emails.

While some spam may comply with current laws, it is still invasive and expensive and many illegitimate companies will spoof legitimate companies and their email addressees in order to infect and or hijack your computer or to promote a scam.

We take spam seriously and report spammers (people who send unsolicited emails) to affiliate programs, ISPs, Spam Tracking Services, The Federal Trade Commission and security programs.

Any spam we receive to one of our hundreds of emails we reserve the right to post as well as all correspondence and transcripts of communications from spammers.

We will strongly and vehemently defend our first amendment rights to free speech and have Pro bono publico access to attorneys who specialize in first amendment law. God Bless America!

Don’t you wish spam would go away? YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DO THIS! The only way to stop spam and other crap from filling up your inbox and costing you time and money is to never do business with anyone who markets this way.

Tell your employees, coworkers and friends that doing business with someone who spams you only encourages them to continue to spam everyone. As long as people do business with spammers, spam will exist. Once spam is no longer effective, spammers will go away.

I have been asked many times: Why not click the link on the bottom of an email to opt out of future mailings? The answer is that when you do this to a crooked email harvester or marketer they will not only NOT remove you, you are only verifying that your email address works and in turn you may get even more spam!

If spam continues to grow the best option I see is to have anyone who sends an email pay the receiver. Once the free lunch is over for spammers – spam may go away or it will be greatly reduced.

Thanks for visiting my sites and be sure to tell your friends if you like them. If you don’t tell me why as comments and corrections are more than welcome!


Scottar said...

Does the FCC complaint site have an effect against SPAMERS?

I have tried UCE and another site: to send SPAM

Some seems legit but sent through second parties by lists. Other are home business scams. And others are just outright thieves looking for to either take your money and run or identity thieves.

That's what I get out of 60+ SPAM emails a day. Some of the most reoccurring ones I send to but I have yet to try FCC. The rest i delete server side as junk so it never reaches my inbox and never get read. So poo on you SPAMERS.

It seems optout is a joke to many spamers. Personally I thing that each server needs to be setup with an ID formate so that legitimate email can be readily recognized. It may be painful in the short run but will save a lot of bandwidth in the longrun.

Glindagail77 said...

Wow, you sure know your stuff! A professional adversary versus spam and all that it spoils, steals, and hero =D But joking aside, you stated that to stop spam altogether we must stop doing business with the "companies" who utilize these unethical means (by which we have become weary with harassment and intruded upon so frequently) or to never begin doing business with them in the first place; yes I agree 100%. But I venture to ponder, whom on God's green Earth actually does do legitimate business with them??? I am not privy to any knowledge of any demographic commonly to purchase wares or services from spammers, on the contrary; if one even mildly suspects the atmosphere of spam, they will hastily retreat from such a threat....People are suspicious of everything nowadays, even most children and the elderly are rightfully suspicious of electronicly underhanded maneuvers. Which leads me to the belief that they are not getting business from the spam, they are mainly stealing money and information through phishing etc. It appears so elaborately connected in a dark unraveling channel of dirty actions upon cheating ways that it resembles a tarantula's web. I wonder how far down the rabbit hole these hustles go.....??? There must be at least a considerable amount of people involved in this, and another circle of those who are aware of the happenings but not as deeply involved, those turning a blind eye to the labyrinth of darkness that this ugly phenomenon has created. Alas, fight the good fight. It can seem unstoppable, but just imagine if there were no resistance at all to a negative issue such as this, it can get worse and it will if we comply fool-heartedly or lay down our sword against injustice. In small matters that are actually larger than we know, and in large matters that amount to less than we had believed, fight the good fight and it will be alright my friend. Thanks for your advice and your refreshing wit and humor! Your friend, Glinda Bustamante