Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chamber Member - Operation Kidsafe SafeStart Event - heavy spammer

On this last series of spams sent to various new hidden accounts we have now classed Operation Kidsafe as a spammer. Either they are harvesting email addresses themselves or they are renting list from spammers who are

You also see no removal mechanism on this email in violation of the can spam act.

Also notice the title. We are not chamber members anywhere so thsi is a blatantly deceitful email. Make me this Operation Kidsafe is a scam - they do operate in a deceitful manner on the web.

Operation Kidsafe SafeStart Event!

Now looking for a sponsor in your market.

Want a showcase program for a grand opening.
Chamber of Commerce event with several members involved.
Have us as your focus for Kids Night at the Arena or Park.
Looking for a great family event .
Operation Kidsafe profiles your company/Organization as a leader for children and puts you in the media spotlight!

Great traffic = increased sales!!!!

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